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Did you know that your scalp, just like your body, needs to be cleaned?

That is why we have shampoos and cleanser products.
Cleaning your scalp needs to be a simple and natural thing to do.

It is meant to remove all the excess sebum productions as well as all the dirt that can be accumulated during the day and week, which can be some of the cause of inflammation or other infections.
To avoid that, we need to clean our scalp and to help it breath.

Clean your scalp to set a favorable soil for healthy hair growth.
Sometimes it is a simple step that makes a big difference.

Washing your hair 2 to once a week will do your scalp just good.
Black soap , Clarifying shampoos, Clay are meant for that.
Turn to more natural products if you can.

Don’t be afraid to deeply clean your scalp because it has amazing benefits such as to avoid future infections as mentioned above.
And make sure to follow up with a moisturizing hair mask or conditioner.
They will bring back moisture to your hair and don’t forget to always seal all the moisture with an oil or butter.

Keep in mind that conditioners are NOT meant to clean your hair.
It is time we use proper products with safe ingredients that will help avoid hair damage in the future.
Made a choice today to assure your safety of tomorrow.
Clean your hair today and that will prevent hair lost or infections tomorrow.
And don’t forget that all hair are beautiful.
Do not hesitate to share on comment section what you use on your hair as a cleanser.
We send You big kisses


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