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Today, LolluBay is bringing to Us this article written by one of our Natural Sisters, who has gotten some experience during her journey with her Natural Hair. Here , you will learn some steps that might help in keeping your Natural hair moisturized . In this article, she is talking about how to take care of our Natural (Afro) hair.

                                                                               Your Natural Hair:

Your natural hair is that beautiful hair that grows straight from your head. It can have the texture it has, but it is yours, and it is all natural and beautiful. There are many different types of hair textures. Ours are classified as the type 4 hair, because of its texture. Then also, in that type 4 hair, it is said that there is also the sub group like 4a, 4b, 4c. To tell you the truth, I don’t really mind those things. No offense.

The only thing I care about is:” WHAT DOES MY HAIR LIKE?”

And You have to understand that Afro hair is in nature, DRY. So , the main thing it needs is to be moisturized.

When You leave your statue relaxed, the main issue to deal with, is to get your hair moisturized. Because if your hair is moisturized, it will flourish, and who says flourished, says growth. So don’t rush after a growth, but rush after healthy hair.

Principle number one :

-A Deep conditioner / Hair mask :

has to become your best friend. 

Use it one a week or once every two weeks. 

Use a plastic cap to cover your hair to generate heat , and to help your cuticles to open up and to let the moisture penetrate inside your cuticles. 


Principle number two:

-A leave in  or hair milk will add some more moisture into your hair. So use it before you style your hair.


Principle number three:

-Always seal all that moisture with an oil or butter. It will help you to keep moisture for a bit longer. 

Use those 3 principles and your hair will thank you for that. 

Just a little bit of attention and care to your hair , and you will see a huge change. 

Remember, no matter which type of hair you have, it is beautiful.

We would love to know your secrets to keeping your hair hydrated in the comments section.


                                                                                                                              Made with love for you.


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