Founded in 2016, Lollubay has always been a place where everyone, eager to find beauty in nature, could easily find what they were looking for. Lollubay offers you 100% natural products for beauty, hair and health. Made with the best quality ingredients that your hair and body need. Our goal is to help everyone to discover and to appreciate the beauty of nature. The products offered by Lollubay are all natural, healthier and effective. Freeing ourselves from chemical and synthetic dependence is our goal. On LOLLUBAY you will not only find products but also simple but effective recipes and tips to reproduce at home. We welcome you to the discovery of Beauty in Nature. Don't hesitate to visit our Blog and have fun.

About the founder

Born in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Monique Lisette Mvemba,the only girl in a family of 5 children, grew up around women (her mother and aunt) who taught her the importance of handmade products.

A lover of beauty, health and a good lifestyle, while studying medicine in Ukraine, she decided to return to her natural hair look. Understanding that beauty is defined on the eyes of those who see it and not on the eyes of others, she turns to her source and kisses her natural hair without hesitation. Ask the question "Why" and try to understand the answer "Because"; was the essence that led her on her capillary adventure.


Providing the best quality is our goal. The health of your hair as well as your body is our top priority.


Each ingredient is chosen with care. Always listening to your request to offer you the best. Lollubay products are made with love for you.


Pure beauty is found in nature. Lollubay shows you that choosing natural is the best choice we all have to make.

The beautiful discovery

Finding Beauty in Nature

You will only know after trying. So go ahead!

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